Cupid’s Booty Hunt Skills Clinic

Date: February 11, 2012
Location: Tampa, FL
Fee: Free to all teams attending Cupid’s Booty Hunt
Email: contactus (at) withoutlimitsultimate dot com 

Club players from around Florida will be leading a skills clinic at Cupid’s Booty Hunt in February.  This clinic will cater to players on college teams in the Southeast.

You may register for the clinic here.  Descriptions of each station are below:

24/7 – How to Get Open
We’ll go over cutting basics, technique and body mechanics of different types of cuts, and tricks to use to get open on someone one on one.
Instructor: Michelle Fusting
Western Kentucky University (Open), University of Florida FUEL
Instructor: Alison Stargel
Club: Tampa Sol, Gainesville Waving Flag

One-on-one: Gaining the Edge on Defense
This clinic will focus on how to dictate on defense and neutralize the advantage the offense has of choosing where to cut. We will talk about positioning, microcharging and reading the disc in the air.
Instructor: Kathryn Bennett
Club: Jacksonville Jax on Jill
College: University of Delaware Sideshow

Marking isn’t a time to rest.  Your entire team is counting on you to take away a huge piece of the field and this is no easy task! In this clinic we’ll cover the key aspects of a good mark, and explain how one of the keys to elite-level ultimate is marking.
Instructor: Jordan Knoten
Tampa Uproar
University of South Florida Scallywenches Coach

In this station, we’ll go over the mechanics of hucking.  Opening up your team’s long game is crucial to success!
Instructor: Styx Ierardi
Club: Tampa Uproar
College: University of South Florida
Other: University of South Florida Scallywenches Coach

Breaking The Mark
This clinic explores the techniques and strategies to breaking any mark. Learn how to make your mark seem non-existent.
Instructor: Chloe Winant
Club: Safari and countless other teams