We believe that when you choose to invest your time and/or money into something, you want to be able to trust the people you are working with.  We value that trust and our relationships with everyone we work with, and we believe that is reflected in the quality of our events and the resources we make available.

It’s amazing to see the kind of growth Michelle Ng has inspired in women’s college ultimate the past few years. Having played for Wash U for 3 years, I have witnessed firsthand what can happen when she is involved. Michelle helped us run Midwest Throwdown for 2 years as a fundraiser, which allowed us to travel to far-away tournaments and compete against elite teams. Not only that, but she has helped us build connections with other teams, continuously offered us advice on how to become a more competitive ultimate program,  and showed us how to pay that forward to other schools who are where we were just a few years ago. How often can you say that the ex-captain of a rival team in your region has been one of the driving forces behind the growth of your team from middle-of-the-pack at Regionals to two-time Nationals contender? I have no doubt that I can say that of Michelle Ng, and am extremely excited to see what Without Limits can bring to other ultimate programs around the country.”
- Samantha Huo (former St. Louis Revoloution player, Wash U WUWU captain, and One Trick Pony player)

“Without Limits has built off of the foundations of camaraderie, respect, and teamwork that are essential to Ultimate, and created a grass-roots organization that is advancing the women’s game tremendously.  Emphasizing community has been the secret to success for WL and Michelle Ng has been at the nexus of a newly created network of women’s Ultimate advocates, players, and organizers from around the country.  The result is a tangible improvement on teams’ skill level and organization, tournaments’ logistics and communication, and the media coverage of women’s ultimate.  All my experiences with WL have been wonderful and I look forward to supporting the organization and seeing its continued growth far into the future.”
- Gwen Ambler (Seattle Riot coach / former Team USA player / former  Seattle Riot, San Francisco Fury, and Stanford University Superfly captain)

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Michelle Ng over the years as her coach, her captain, her co-organizer, and a player under her leadership this year. And so 4 years, 20,000 emails and approximately 3 text messages (my fault, not hers) later I feel confident in saying that I have not yet come across anyone in my 10 years of playing Ultimate that has so tirelessly and selflessly worked to improve women’s Ultimate. To the detriment of her social life and sanity, Michelle would choose to go home after work to work on whatever numerous tournaments or projects she was running (usually in other states and for other people/programs) instead of meeting up for a team happy hour. She has spent countless hours bringing to fruition the pipe dreams that myself and others only dreamed of as the future of women’s Ultimate. Without Limits, Midwest Throwdown Skills Clinic & Tournament, Women’s Centex, and the College Women’s Resource Manual are only the most well known examples of her passion and love affecting thousands of players and playing a vital role in the advancement of women’s Ultimate.”
- Cara Crouch (former Team USA and Atlanta Ozone player / former Texas Showdown captain / former University of Texas Melee captain and coach / 2005 Callahan Winner)

“Michelle Ng is to women’s ultimate what butterscotch chips are to cookies: innovative, inspiring, and helping the advancement of the cookie/sport. I have known Michelle for many years and she is an all around class act. Her love for the game coupled with her organization skills and great attitude have brought her much success in the past few years. The Women’s Ultimate Resources Manual she worked so hard on is an incredible resource for young females in our sport. I certainly wish I would have had access to it when I was in college!  Michelle puts her heart and soul into the work of Without Limits and everything that she puts her mind to. She has positively impacted the lives of so many women in this game. Her hard work and dedication to the advancement of women’s ultimate is absolutely inspirational and it is truly an honor to be her friend.”
- Chelsea Putnam (former Team USA, Oregon Schwa and University of Oregon Fugue player / 2003 Callahan Winner)

“Before I met Michelle Ng, I knew her only by reputation. To me, she seemed to be a living legend, planning and running countless events while simultaneously championing women’s ultimate. My first experience working with Michelle and Without Limits gave my college team the chance to participate in regionally diverse tournaments. Her encouragement and support in our attendance allowed us to play against nationally competitive teams that we would not otherwise have seen. Not only did she make this possible, but she delivered on the most quality tournaments we’d ever been to. This is still true today, at both the college and club levels.

As I’ve gotten to know her over the years, my respect for who she is and awe for what she does has only grown. Her ability to form relationships with individuals and teams within the community is unique and part of what makes Without Limits so capable and effective. Combine that with her experience, devotion, and the incredible person that she is, it is no wonder that Michelle and Without Limits have had– and will continue to have– such a profound and positive impact on women’s ultimate.”
- Lien Hoffmann (Brute Squad captain, former Chicago Nemesis player and Northwestern University captain)

“When the opportunity to work with Michelle on the Northeast Captaining 101 Clinic came along, I jumped at it. I had no clue what kind of organizational nightmare I was getting myself into (not Michelle’s fault). Luckily, Michelle refused to see failure as an option, even when it looked like our event was going to fall apart (!!). Because of her relentless optimism, we pulled off a unique and inspirational event for leaders of women’s teams across the region.

Michelle has identified a need in the women’s ultimate community and weathered many a storm to fill it.  I am continually in awe of her determination and resiliency, and am extraordinarily grateful for her leadership.”
- Emily McAfee (Backhanded Compliments player, former Swarthmore College captain)