Texas Sectionals Skills Clinic

Texas Showdown, the all-Texas elite women’s club team, will be hosting a skills clinic at Texas Women’s Club Sectionals on Sept 25 in Dallas, TX.  The opportunity will be open to any female college or club players interested in attending, including those not participating in Sectionals.

The clinic will be FREE, but we will be selling “Don’t Mess With Texas” t-shirts as a fundraiser, and are happy to accept any donation, no matter how small.

We will have 4 stations– each player will have the opportunity to sign up for 2 of the stations.  You can register for the event here.

24/7 – How to Get Open
We’ll go over cutting basics, technique and body mechanics of different types of cuts, and tricks to use to get open on someone one on one.
Instructor: Cara Crouch
Club: Texas Showdown (Austin, TX), formerly Ozone
College: University of Texas Melee,
Callahan Winner 2005,
All-Region 2003-2005
Other: member of Team USA 2009, UT Melee Coach 2007-2009,
USA Ultimate Certified Level 1 Coach

Marking and Taking (on) a Dump
In this clinic, we will focus on marking and dump defense.  Often overlooked, these are two of the most important skills you can hone to cause some key turns in a game.
Instructor: Mia Iseman and Rebecca Shelton
Club: Texas Showdown (Austin, TX), formerly Chewbacca Defense
College: New York University Violet Femmes, All-Region 2006-2007
Other: Bowie High School Coach
Club: Texas Showdown (Austin, TX)
College: University of Texas Melee
, All-Region 2009
Other: Frisbee Motto- “Just close your eyes and pray.”

Hucking and Breaking
In this clinic, we will learn the mechanics of hucking, and how to make good decisions about when to throw deep.  This clinic will also explore the techniques and strategies to breaking any mark. Learn how to make your mark seem non-existent.
Instructors: Christina Choffel and Tina Woodings
Club: Texas Showdown (Austin, TX), formerly Zanzara
College: Texas A&M University SkyU
, All-Region 2004-2005

Other: Paganello Champion 2008
Club: captain of Texas Showdown (Austin, TX)
College: University of Texas Melee
Other: Ultimate Players League of Austin President

One-on-one: Gaining the Edge on Defense
This clinic will focus on how to dictate on defense and neutralize the advantage the offense has of choosing where to cut.  We will talk about positioning and microcharging.
Instructors: Sheila Ogden and Alyssa Ricker
Club: Texas Showdown (Austin, TX)
College: University of Texas Melee

Club: Texas Showdown (Austin, TX), formerly Tandem
College: Brown University Disco Inferno