Skills Clinic

Register for the clinic here!

Please meet at Frisbee Central at 4:50 PM for the clinic.  Session 1 will be from 5:00-5:30 and Session 2 will be from 5:30-6:00.  Please register for ONE clinic in Session 1 and ONE clinic in Session 2.  Players must register individually.

We’ll go over cutting basics, technique and body mechanics of different types of cuts, and tricks to use to get open on someone one on one.
Instructor: Ross Welch
Club: CLX, St. Louis CaSTLe, Overhaul, One Trick Pony
College: Washington University Contra
Other: Washington University Contra Coach, Eastern Michigan University Fighting Hellish Coach (2010)

Breaking the Mark
This clinic explores the techniques and strategies to breaking any mark. Learn how to make your mark seem non-existent.
Instructor: Carol Li
Club: Chicago Nemesis, Chicago Spicy Tuna
College: Northwestern University GungHo
Other: Northwestern University GungHo Coach, All-Region (2012, 2013)
Instructor: Walden Nelson
Club: Machine, Haymaker
College: University of Illinois
Other: Northwestern University GungHo Coach, University of Illinois Coach, Top 10 Callahan (2010), All-Region (2009-2010)

Skills and Drills (Session 1 is recommended for Beginner players and Session 2 is recommended for Intermediate / Advanced players)
Tired of doing the same drills over and over again? Build an arsenal of drills to take back to your college team.
Instructor: Robyn Wiseman
Club: Heist, RevoLUtion, Drag’n Thrust, Alpha Cobra Squadron
College: University of Iowa Saucy Nancy, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Sol
Other: University of Wisconsin Bella Donna Coach, University of Iowa Saucy Nancy B Coach

Person Defense
This clinic will focus on how to dictate on defense and neutralize the advantage the offense has of choosing where to cut. We will talk about positioning, and reading the disc in the air.
Instructor: Caleb Denecour
Club: Doublewide
College: University of Colorado Mamabird
Other: Texas State University Trainwreck Coach, San Jose State University Men’s Ultimate Coach

In this station, we’ll go over the mechanics of hucking. Opening up your team’s long game is crucial to success!
Instructor: Emily Langland
Club: Heist, Stud Muffin
College: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cuddle Raptors
Other: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cuddle Raptors Coach, All-Region (2010)

Handler Movement (recommended for Intermediate / Advanced players only)
Learn the core movements that a handler group uses to change the angle of attack for their offense.
Instructor: Loren Scheiber
Other: University of Kansas Betty Coach, South Central Coach of the Year (2014, 2015)