Keystone Classic

Date: March 31-April 1, 2012
Location: Manheim, PA
Number of Teams: 8 college women’s B teams and HS girls’ teams, 8-12 Division I college women’s teams, 16-20 Division II college women’s teams (depending upon interest)
Fee: $400/team, includes skills clinic and Sister Program
Email: (at) gmail dot com

Captains’ Packet

The Sister Program, the idea of our dear friend Miranda Roth, returns this year.  We see this as an opportunity to give high school teams a college team to serve as their role model and mentor.  We hope that high school players will find college players to emulate their game after, and we also hope to push these college players to invest in the next generation of ultimate players and spend a few moments offering support and encouragement to the next crop of superstars.  We also think that this will be a FUN addition to the tournament and will be scheduling high school and college games side-by-side in order to encourage interaction between the two divisions.

We will also be hosting a skills clinic after games on Saturday.  Please see below for station descriptions.

Skills clinic registration is available here. 

24/7 – How to Get Open
We’ll go over cutting basics, technique and body mechanics of different types of cuts, and tricks to use to get open on someone one on one.
Instructor: Krisztina Josef
Club: Bent
College: NYU Violet Femmes, UCLA BLU
Other: NYU Violet Femmes Coach
Instructor: Courtney Moores
College: Northeastern University Valkyries
Other: Northeastern University Valkyries Coach

One-on-one: Gaining the Edge on Defense
This clinic will focus on how to dictate on defense and neutralize the advantage the offense has of choosing where to cut. We will talk about positioning, microcharging and reading the disc in the air.
Instructor: Amber Sinicrope
Club: Brute Squad
College: University of Wisconsin Bella Donna, Smith College LunaDisc
Instructor: Emma Frankel
Club: Brute Squad
College: Dartmouth College Princess Layout

In this station, we’ll go over the mechanics of hucking.  Opening up your team’s long game is crucial to success!
Instructor: Rebecca Enders
Club: Pop
College: University of Wisconsin Bella Donna
Instructor: Nichole Smith
Club: AMP
College: Penn State University Isis

Breaking The Mark
This clinic explores the techniques and strategies to breaking any mark. Learn how to make your mark seem non-existent.
Instructor: Carly Maconaghy
College: Penn State University Isis
 Rachael Westgate
College: University of Wisconsin Bella Donna

Drills for Defensive Skills
Tired of doing the same drills over and over again?  Build an arsenal of drills to help your team build their defensive skills.
Instructor: Monica Heger
Club: Bent
College: University of Michigan Flywheel
Other: NYU Violet Femmes coach
Instructor: Deanna Ball
Club: Baha
Other: Ohio State University Fever

Fitness: Thinking Outside The Box
Track.  Weight Room.  Repeat.  Need new ways to approach individual and team fitness?  This clinic will teach you new ways to get yourself and your team into the best shape possible.
Instructor: Melissa Witmer
Club: Renegade
Other: Ultimate Results Founder

“Skills and Drills for Teaching Your Rookies”
In this clinic, we’ll go over a variety of drills that will help you teach basic skills to newer players.  It’s easy to do the same drills over and over again, but it’s important to keep new players engaged and constantly improving.  We’ll teach team leaders an assortment of drills, focusing specifically on how to teach these drills to others.
Instructor: Casey Krone
Other: Smith College LunaDisc Coach
Instructor: Cassie Swafford
Club: Baha
College: Ohio State University Fever