Midwest Throwdown

Date: March 3-4, 2012
Location: St. Louis, MO
Number of Teams: 8 Division I college women’s teams and 24 Division II college, 16-20 college open teams
Fee: $400/team, includes skills clinic for women’s teams
Email: Women’s teams- throwdown.td (at) gmail dot com, Open teams- contactus (at) withoutlimitsultimate dot com
Website: http://midwestthrowdown.wordpress.com


We will be hosting a skills clinic for the women’s division after games on Saturday.  Registration is now closed.  Clinic descriptions are below.

24/7 – How to Get Open
We’ll go over cutting basics, technique and body mechanics of different types of cuts, and tricks to use to get open on someone one on one.
Instructor: Ross Welch
Sentinel, Overhaul, One Trick Pony
Washington University Contra
Washington University Contra Coach, Eastern Michigan University Fighting Hellfish Coach
Instructor: Whitney Fose
Club: Molly Brown, Jack Wagon
College: University of Colorado Kali

One-on-one: Gaining the Edge on Defense
This clinic will focus on how to dictate on defense and neutralize the advantage the offense has of choosing where to cut. We will talk about positioning, microcharging and reading the disc in the air.
Instructor: Naomi Warren
Club: RevoLOUtion, Overhaul, 3 Martini Lunch
College: Wellesley College
Other: Washington University WUWU Coach, University of Michigan Flywheel Coach
Instructor: Amanda Good
Club: Molly Brown, Jack Wagon
College: University of Colorado Kali

In this station, we’ll go over the mechanics of hucking.  Opening up your team’s long game is crucial to success!
Instructor: Robyn Fennig
RevoLOUtion, Drag ‘N Thrust, Alpha Cobra Squadron
College: University of Iowa Saucy Nancy, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Sol
Sarah Hoistad
Club: RevoLOUtion, Pop
College: Iowa State University Woman Scorned

Breaking The Mark
This clinic explores the techniques and strategies to breaking any mark. Learn how to make your mark seem non-existent.
InstructorSam Huo
RevoLOUtion, One Trick Pony
Washington University WUWU
Instructor: Ashley Schermerhorn
College: University of Central Florida Sirens
Club: FUIFF Ultimate

Speed Training: Beyond the Track
What’s holding you back from running past the competition?  Whether it’s proper running form, strength, endurance or explosiveness you’re lacking, we’ll address it all.  Taking your strengths and weaknesses into account, we’ll get you started on training that will get you on the right track to going further, faster.
Instructor: Melissa Gibbs 
Club: RevoLOUtion, The Chad Larson Experience, Pop, Small Rackages
College: Iowa State University Women Scorned, All-Region 2008-2009
Other: Washington University WUWU Coach, Iowa State University Woman Scorned Coach
Instructor: Lindsey Gapstur
Club: RevoLOUtion
College: Iowa State University Woman Scorned

Drills for Defensive Skills
Tired of doing the same drills over and over again?  Build an arsenal of drills to help your team build their defensive skills.  
Instructor: Steve Meyer
Club: Haymaker, The Chad Larson Experience, Seiche, Mr. Briefcase
College: Truman State University Jujitsu